LaKeshia Ramsey

Author - Writer - Speaker - Motivator

About LaKeshia Ramsey

G reetings, 31-year-old Lakeshia Ramsey is the author of a self-help/motivational book entitled Innocence In The Wind . Born March 21, 1985 in North Carolina, she split her time being raised in Queens, New York and Norfolk, Virginia respectively. Ramsey began writing in her diary at age 7. She felt that if anyone understood her, she and God did. She used to say that God would come in her room at night and read her diary. Ramsey didn’t fully realize her talent as a writer until the age of 14. She would write so that much that she’d feel like something was missing if she didn’t. Innocence In The Wind was inspired by the trials Ramsey experienced after being raped as a child on 3 different occasions..

She was also in an abusive relationship at a young age. Giving honor to God for bringing her through, she wrote the book as a testimony to share with others who may be going through the same things.

She wrote for the women who wanted to get out of those situations but didn’t know how. After the completion of a 24-hour fast, Ramsey did a read-through of her book and noticed a part about God ordaining her destiny and ordering her steps. From that, the title came about. Based on real events taken place in her own life, Ramsey calls on her readers to grasp from reading that God is the head of their lives. Every test we go through in life is a testimony; through all of our mess, there comes a message. We have to learn how to forgive in order to be heal – heal from our bondage, heal from the hell that we’ve stumbled across in our lived. If it did not kill you, that means you have another chance to try again.

“The God we serve is a God of chances.” She recalls feelings of sadness while penning her book, as she had to relive the painful moments from the events she writes about. But she acknowledges that feeling those feelings gave her the strength and courage to finish the writing process. Aside from her own work, Ramsey is a fan and student of T.D Jakes and Steve Harvey. She looks up to Jakes for his preaching, teachings, books, and movies. ‘Woman, Thou Art Loosed’ is one of his movies that motivated her to write her book. She credits Harvey’s Think Like a Success, Act Like a Success as her current read, saying, “Steve Harvey is real and he is about what he says.

He does not sugarcoat anything and he is reaching his goals. He did not just get to where he is by chance. He started from the bottom and worked hard. His books teach us how he did it and how we can do it.” Currently, she in the middle of writing my second book called Sarah, Hannah, Now Me, which is a book about infertility struggle. She is also working on a play/movie to go along with Innocence In The Wind. On top of her writing, Ramsey starting a non-profit organization called UNFOLDING BUTERFLYZ. It’s an organization to help young women who have been raped or abused as children build their self-esteem and provide aid in getting out of an abusive situation. She also has a few speaking engagements coming up in 2016-2017. For aspiring writers, Ramsey advises that the sky is the limit. If writing is a passion, then “just do it”. To her readers, Ramsey is hopeful that the book blesses them as they read as it did as she wrote. She is hopeful that her testimony gives hope that they can be healed, too. “When things get hard to the point that it makes you fall while you down say a pray and watch God make a way.”