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Innocence In The Wind

July 6, 2016
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May 25, 2017

"Innocence In The Wind”
The Lakeshia Ramsey Story

T he heart of an unborn child beats in own protective surroundings, emerging vulnerable and defenseless. All species expect to receive unconditional love and protection from their parents. They try to understand why some families are nurturing and others devastating. Why some of us endure bitterness, while others bask in pleasant atmospheres.

Innocence In The Wind was inspired by the trials Ramsey experienced after being raped as a child on 3 different occasions. She was also in an abusive relationship at a young age. Giving honor to God for bringing her through, she wrote the book as a testimony to share with others who may be going through the same things. She wrote for the women who wanted to get out of those situations but didn’t know how. After the completion of a 24-hour fast, Ramsey did a read-through of her book and noticed a part about God ordaining her destiny and ordering her steps. From that, the title came about. Based on real events taken place in her own life,

Ramsey calls on her readers to grasp from reading that God is the head of their lives. “Every test we go through in life is a testimony; through all of our mess, there comes a message. We have to learn how to forgive in order to be heal – heal from our bondage, heal from the hell that we’ve stumbled across in our lived. If it did not kill you, that means you have another chance to try again. The God we serve is a God of chances.” She recalls feelings of sadness while penning her book, as she had to relive the painful moments from the events she writes about. But she acknowledges that feeling those feelings gave her the strength and courage to finish the writing process.


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